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magnetic engineering job orders

Wherever metals are processed, magnets are often not very far away. Our pro­duc­tion facili­ties are equipped to offer you a wide variety of diffe­rent magnets. You can obtain a great selec­tion of magnetic special tools, from indivi­dual items to series pro­duc­tion, depen­ding on the inten­ded appli­cation. If needed, we can also fit magnets to your existing metal tools.

Special adhesives ensure that the magnets are very securely attached.

Each magnet is set in place individually by hand with the greatest precision.

Sechskant-Kugelkopf-Stifschlüssel mit Magnet

Ball-head hexagonal key with magnet

Magnetband biegsam

Magnetic tape – flexible, multi-polar magnetised; easily cut to size using scissors

Good reasons for job order manufacturing at WURO

Low costs

For many busi­nesses, the acqui­sition of expen­sive machines for each indi­vidual machi­ning process is simply not worth­while. That’s why we offer you job order manu­fac­turing for metals and plas­tics to help keep your produc­tion costs down. A signi­ficant competitive advantage!

Certified quality

Your expec­tations are what drive us on. That’s why we always ensure that our opera­tional proce­dures are closely moni­tored and constantly opti­mised. For us, the certifi­cation of our work processes to DIN ES ISO 9001 simply goes without saying.

Long-standing expertise

Since 1961, we have been your reliable partner for tool manu­facturing from Freudenberg in Germany. From us, you get every­thing from a single source, from design to com­pletion, which gives you full control over the entire process from start to finish.

Personal contacts

Personal customer care is extremely important to us. So that you can constantly be brought up-to-date quickly, we provide you with your own personal contact who is extremely well acquainted with your project. This cuts out the unnecessary trouble of finding the right person.

Flexible all-round solutions

With our versatile range of machines, we can simul­tane­ously take on several process steps, making things much easier for you. Metal working, plastic injection moulding and indivi­duali­sation all under one roof. This reduces manu­factu­ring time and increa­ses our speed of response to short-notice alteration requests.

Punctual processing

To prevent bottle­necks in your opera­tional proce­dure, we process your articles quickly within a trans­parent, pre-defined time frame. This enables you to plan the sub­sequent work stages reliably.