Quality has a name: your name.

Screwdrivers should never slip out of the screw head. They need a tight, precise fit, excellent power transmission and a secure grip. Our tools provide more: your name. Besides high-quality materials and first-class workmanship rooted in long-standing experience, our tools are also printed, lasered and designed in accordance with your quite specific ideas. So, your name also stands for corrosion-resistant, diamond-coated tools made in Germany.


WURO is a specialist in developing and manufacturing quality screwdrivers. For making our high-grade screwdrivers, we work with the latest one-component or multi-component injection-moulding technology and with round, square and hexagonal special grade steels. For each special application, WURO uses different materials. All screwdrivers are available in a range of different surface finishes. Our extensive self-manufactured product assortment has now been extended by stainless steel and diamond-coated screwdrivers.

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ROB-Schraubendreher für Innen-Vierkantschrauben

Our blades are made from high-alloy special steel. We thus achieve robust blades with very high hardness and torque values. A wide selection of suface finishes give the blades the final polish:

  • chrome-plated with black tip
  • chrome-plated, matt
  • chrome-plated, mirror finish
  • nickel-plated
  • galvanised (coloured)
  • black finished / zinc phosphate plated
  • AntiCor®
  • DIAMONDgrip®

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For a secure and comfortable grip, we can offer you a selection of different plastics.

  • cellulose-acetate (CA)
  • polypropylene (PP)
  • fibre-glass reinforced polyamide (PA)
  • thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)

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Insulated screwdrivers
When manufacturing insulated safety tools, it is absolutely crucial that they be checked in accordance with the most stringent safety criteria.

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Bits + magnet holders

When it comes to screwdriver bits & magnet bit holders, WURO can supply everything for DIY and professional needs from its wide-ranging product assortment and can offer you the complete range of power tool screwdriver  bits. Besides bits, many different models of magnetic and non-magnetic bit holders are available, as well as bit drills, adapters and countersinks.

All screwdrivers are supplied in a range of different holders, boxes or other tools sets. You can have the bits and magnet holders marked individually on laser facilities according to your specifications. Set assortments can also be put together according to individual needs.


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Kugelkopf Magnethalter 1430/30
Kugelkopf Magnethalter 1430/30
Standard Magnethalter 1430/7
Magnethalter mit Tiefenanschlag 1430/17
TWIN Magnethalter 1430/20
EasyFix Magnethalter 1430/26
Magnethalter TripleFix 1430/31
Magnethalter 1430/72 TWIN
EasyFix Magnethalter 1430/40 biegsam

Screwdriver bit tips
You can have high-quality finishing applied to our bits to meet your demands. The available possibilities are wide-ranging:

  • Basic
  • TIN
  • AntiCor®
  • DIAMONDgrip®

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Order packaging
We will package the required numbers of your bits in individually designed bit boxes. Simply choose the colour you want and have your own logo applied to the box.

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Our screwdriver bit range not only includes classical slotted and cross-head profiles but also TORX® bits.

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Using modern laser technology, we can apply your logo or desired image to even the smallest bits.

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Allen keys

Allen keys from WURO are manufactured from special steels and are extremely versatile. They are available as chamfered or unchamfered, stamped or unstamped models, as well as with ball ends. We supply our hexagon keys in all metric sizes from SW 0.7 mm to SW 65 mm, and in imperial sizes of SW 0.028 inch to SW 1 inch. We manufacture hexagon keys to DIN/ISO 2936 (DIN 911, DIN 911L) or DIN 6911. Thanks to our own quality management and especially high quality heat treatment facility, we significantly exceed all DIN/ISO specifications for hardness and torque parameters essential in this field.

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Stiftschlüssel mit Kugelkopf
Stiftschlüssel Drehhalter
Stiftschlüssel mit T-Griff

Whether shiny, matt or coloured – choose your own individual finish.

  • chrome-plated, matt
  • chrome-plated, mirror finish
  • nickel-plated
  • galvanised (coloured)
  • black finished / zinc phosphate plated

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Profiles and shapes
The key to fit every requirement: hexagonal or TORX®, ball-head or angular – the choice is yours.

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Order packaging
You determine the impression your tools make. Design your own packaging and create a unique appearance for instant recognition.

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To guarantee a secure grip for all tasks, we provide all your hex or Allen keys with ergonomic handles.

Nut drivers

As the production of nut driver blades is one of our main focuses, the product portfolio in this field is extremely diverse. You can choose from loose nut driver blades to DIN ISO standards, socket wrench inserts and nut spinner screw drivers with normal or t-handles. Insulated VDE nut driver blades and ready VDE nut spinner screwdrivers are also part of our standard programme. Our nut driver blades are available in all the usual metric (1.5 - 19 mm), imperial (inch) and "BA" sizes.

A suitable socket wrench can be manufactured for any particular task or specific requirement. Do you need magnets to hold the screws or nuts securely? A flexible shank for that are areas difficult to access? Or perhaps socket wrenches for power tool operation with numerous different drives (1/4" hexagonal, SDS, etc.) and special models (magnetic, stainless steel, etc.)? For us, all this poses no problem.

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Good reasons for choosing WURO

  1. Strong tools „Made in Germany“
  2. Individual and tailor-made tools
  3. Certified, top-class quality
  4. Decades of expe­rience since 1961
  5. Wide ranging product portfolio
  6. Extensive production facilities
  7. Always the same competent contacts
  8. Reliable product safety
  9. Flexibility and partnership
  10. Short decision-making paths, quick results