From Freudenberg to the whole world

Strong tools for any task – for six decades, we at WURO have stood for unique special tools, screw­drivers, screw­driver bits and Allen keys of the highest quality stan­dards made in Germany. We produce precisely the tool you want with the latest in manu­factu­ring tech­nology so you can impress your customers with reliable products.

As a tradi­tional enter­prise in Germany’s Sieger­land region, we attach especially great impor­tance to personal contact and exchange with you as the customer, so that we can imple­ment every idea down to the last detail in all pro­cessing stages. Your expec­tations are what drive us on.

Our WURO tools have already found new homes in countless other countries.



Events to celebrate the company’s 50th anni­ver­sary took place on 27th and 28th May 2011 at the works in Freudenberg-Niederndorf.


Acquisition of a large-scale customer from Remscheid, combined with the use of the trademark ATHLET Quality Tools.


Acquisition of a nut driver blade producer from Remscheid.


As part of a gene­rational change, the company’s name was changed on 01.01.1995 and the sole pro­prietor­ship WURO-Werk­zeuge-Kunst­stoffe, Wilhelm Uebach became the firm WURO Wilhelm Uebach GmbH & Co. KG. A compe­titor in the Allen key field was taken over, resul­ting in a further expan­sion of the portfolio.


In response to changes in customer demand, the range of special and custo­mized tools was expanded.


Production was extended to cover hex key manufacturing.


On January 10th 1961, together with tool­maker Heinz Roesch, Wilhelm Uebach founded the com­pany “WURO-Werk­zeuge-Kunst­stoffe W. Uebach & Roesch”, in addition to his alrea­dy existing busi­ness inte­rests as a coal dealer and a buil­ding mate­rials supplier. The com­pany began produc­tion in the truck garage at his home and specia­lised in the produc­tion of screwdrivers.

Good reasons for choosing WURO

  1. Strong tools „Made in Germany“
  2. Individual and tailor-made tools
  3. Certified, top-class quality
  4. Decades of expe­rience since 1961
  5. Wide ranging product portfolio
  6. Extensive production facilities
  7. Always the same competent contacts
  8. Reliable product safety
  9. Flexibility and partnership
  10. Short decision-making paths, quick results

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