You have the task.

We have the tool.

With standard tools, some tasks are really difficult to carry out. And yet, things could be much easier, using unique specia­lised tools designed and manu­factu­red by us in close con­sul­tation with you. This makes your task much less awkward and, at the same time, much more effi­cient. The focus here is on a success­ful indivi­dual solution, not sales figures and quan­tities. We can deliver any quantity you want, from an indivi­dual item to series pro­duction. So, there’s no risk involved and you can enjoy the benefits of your unique tool.

The road to a customised special tool


Idea & design

In close consultation with you, we design the tool with your individual requirements in mind. Either you already have a precise idea and need someone to put your drawings into practice, or you describe the problem to us and we’ll find the solution.


Developing the prototype

After the planning phase, we manufacture a prototype which you can then check and test thoroughly to make sure the tool does exactly what you need it to before it goes into series production. This way, you have plenty of time to convince yourself of our quality without any risk.


Series production

We will produce whatever quantities of your special tool you need, from single units to a large-scale series. As we have no minimum order quantity, you can calculate precisely and will only receive the exact number required. Once manufactured, a larger series can be produced quickly, if demand arises.



So, that’s the step by step manufacturing process for your very own tool, which is as individual as the task it was made for.

It's as easy as that.

Good reasons for choosing WURO

  1. Strong tools „Made in Germany“
  2. Individual and tailor-made tools
  3. Certified, top-class quality
  4. Decades of expe­rience since 1961
  5. Wide ranging product portfolio
  6. Extensive production facilities
  7. Always the same competent contacts
  8. Reliable product safety
  9. Flexibility and partnership
  10. Short decision-making paths, quick results

We put our hearts into tool manu­fac­turing – and our heads, too. That means, we not only guarantee precise and reliable manu­fac­turing, but also great atten­tion to detail in our planning and drawings to ensure a perfect result.

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CNC processing

Our modern technology enables us to process metals with the greatest precision.

  • Machining
  • Drilling
  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Profiling

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Cold forming

We treat metals carefully and put them into any required shape.

  • Bending
  • Punching
  • Cold forging

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A good, secure grip or completely corrosion resistant: get the most out your bits and screw heads.

  • AntiCor®
  • DIAMONDGrip®
  • TIN-coated

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Injection moulding

The most suitable plastic component for every requirement in various hardness grades.

  • Plastics technology
  • One-component process (1K)
  • Multi-component process (2K)
  • Granulate recycling

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Make your products and packaging unique and instantly recognisable by applying your logo and colours.

  • Pad printing
  • Hot embossing
  • Laser marking
  • Labelling

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Order packaging

Whether for individual items or large quantities: you will always receive the most suitable packaging for holding your product securely, while guaranteeing an attractive presentation.

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